High Resolution in a Compact Form Factor

FREEDOM HR cut outFREEDOM HR offers the perfect balance between compact size and high resolution in your instrument design due to the use of Ibsen Photonics unique transmission grating technology. The spectrometer is robust and almost athermal and can operate under demanding environmental conditions.

Furthermore, the FREEDOM HR spectrometers support many different detector systems which enables you to choose the best detector option for your specific application. FREEDOM HR even allows you to re-use already developed electronics and software for your favorite detector type.

The Freedom C offers even higher resolution with a 4096 pixel detector.

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Key features

  • 190 to 435 nm wavelength range
  • High resolution C-UV: 0.15 nm (typical)
  • High resolution HR-UV: 0.27 nm (typical)
  • Footprint of 61 mm x 64 mm x 19 mm

Do you need more freedom for your spectroscopy?


FHU-101Hamamatsu S11639-01 CMOSHigh UV sensitivity, cost effective
FCU-109Hamamatsu S13496 CMOSBest resolution
FHU-315Hamamatsu S10420-1006-01 BT-CCDLow noise
FHU-380Hamamatsu S11156-2048-02 BT-CCDShort integration time

Download Product Sheets

pdf_icon FREEDOM HR-UV 190 – 435 nm

pdf_icon FREEDOM C-UV 190 – 435 nm


Request a quotation here for any of our FREEDOM spectrometers. If you have special requirements for resolution, detector, or wavelength range just enter those into the “Request quotation” form.

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