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OEM solutions from Ibsen Photonics

Ibsen’s mission is to be an extended R&D and manufacturing arm for leading industrial companies, accelerating their growth in existing and new markets by providing best-in-class transmission gratings and customized OEM spectrometer modules.

We specialize in achieving leading-edge diffraction efficiencies, optical throughput, robustness, and low unit-to-unit variation in compact and cost effective form factors, enabling seamless integration in our customers’ systems.

With more than 300,000 transmission gratings and 60,000 spectrometers active in the field and less than three (3) field returns on average per year, we know what it takes to be a preferred supplier to leading industrial companies.

Advantages working with Ibsen:

  • Experienced R&D teams with over 200 years of combined tenure.

  • Cost and size effective platforms, with gratings and spectrometers designed for best-in-class performance.

  • Close collaboration with our customers to understand specific grating or spectrometer needs.

  • Experts in design, prototyping and ramp-up of new products for seamless OEM integration.

We focus 100% on OEM business

Ibsen is dedicated to developing and supplying high-quality components and modules for industrial solution providers.

We estimate that more than 70% of the worldwide molecular spectroscopy market can be reached through the 100 largest solution providers. By focusing on the needs of industrial solution providers, we can specialize and focus on our strengths and rely on our customers to develop application knowledge and solutions to benefit end users.

As a consequence of our OEM focus, we do not carry a wide range of accessories. Instead we offer engineering services to assist our customers in finding or designing the right components for their instrument or system.

OEM project model

Industry-leading performance

Our unique transmission gratings and innovative spectrometer modules offer high performance and industrial robustness.

We have supplied transmission gratings to the telecommunication industry since 1995. In telecommunications every percentage-point of diffraction efficiency has an important impact on device performance, so we have learned how to provide close to 99% polarization independent diffraction efficiency over narrow bandwidths.

As illustrated in the figure, we have developed our gratings further to provide high and even diffraction efficiencies over wider bandwidths, yielding the following benefits in our spectrometers:

  • High performance in compact designs.

  • Robust designs with no moving parts.

  • Low variation unit-to-unit.

  • Calibration-free, no field service required.

Efficiency of selected grating designs

Customized OEM modules for improved end-user functionality

Our experienced R&D teams have over 200 years of combined tenure and experience optimizing grating and spectrometer designs to achieve the best possible performance, cost, and size-effective platforms.

We develop 4-6 new spectrometers every year, customised to meet specific customer requirements for new and improved end-user functionality, for example:

  • Improved sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio allow more accurate measurements when light is scarce, for example, for Raman, LIBS, and OCT.

  • High-resolution, compact, and robust spectrometer modules enable high performance field portable or handheld systems.

  • Strong UV signal down to 178 nm gives more detection options in LIBS, HPLC and other UV applications.

  • Reduced cost and eliminated field service, resulting in improved profitability.

Today our gratings and spectrometers power annual solution sales of more than 300 MUSD in multiple, quality demanding end-user industries. Let us help you grow sales and market share in your industry!

Ibsen's Stage-Gate process

Ibsen’s Stage-Gate process (click on the image to enlarge).

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