Spectrometer Evaluation Tools

Tech notes


  • Spectrometer Design Guide (Technical note)
  • The spectrometer design guide provides some simple and easy to use design guidelines and formulas for designing, evaluating and comparing various diode array, diffraction grating based spectrometer designs.

  • Detector Selection Guide (Technical note) 
  • The detector selection guide can be used to identify which type of linear array detector best suits your spectroscopy application.



Spectrometer designer screen shot

The below calculators can easily be saved to your home Screen on your iOS and Android mobile device and thereby used offline. See the instructions in the PDF files on the right side of the page.

  • Spectrometer Designer
  • This calculates slit width, focal length, diffraction angles, and required grating size based on your entered wavelength range, resolution, grating groove density, detector size, and numerical aperture.

  • Raman Waveshift Converter
  • grating calculator

    This calculator converts the Raman range and resolution from cm-1 to wavelength in nm.

  • NA to f-number Converter
  • This calculator converts both Numerical Aperture to f-number and the other way around.

  • Grating Equation Calculator
  • This calculator gives you the diffraction angles of the first four orders (plus and minus) for a given groove density and wavelength.