Optical Coherence Tomography

Why Ibsen Photonics for OCT

High performance Spectral Domain OCT (SD-OCT) requires spectrometers to simultaneously offer excellent resolution, high line rates, and low roll-off in an environmentally stable and compact form factor.

At Ibsen Photonics, we design our OCT spectrometers with diffraction-limited optics and Modulation Transfer Functions (MTF) optimized for performance and size to make optimal use of a given OCT camera or detector.

Combined with best-in-class grating diffraction efficiencies, this results in spectrometers offering industry-leading roll-off in compact form factors, for integration in high performance systems at a competitive cost.

Ibsen Photonics makes a difference in your OCT system:

  • Unparalleled grating efficiency

  • Highest possible scan rates

  • Best-in-class roll-off performance

  • Optimal signal-to-noise

  • Environmental stability

Advantages of using Ibsen Photonics for OCT

Our spectrometers and in-house manufactured transmission gratings provide unparalleled sensitivity and diffraction limited optical designs optimized for OCT.

We offer transmission gratings with the highest diffraction efficiency on the market, often >95 % for the entire OCT bandwidth.

Our experienced R&D teams have over 200 years of combined tenure and experience optimizing grating and spectrometer designs to achieve the best possible performance, cost, and size-effective platforms.

These factors yield the following benefits:

  • Excellent image contrast with best-in-class roll-off performance.

  • Highest possible line rates enabled by superior spectrometer sensitivity.

  • Optimal signal-to-noise, thanks to industry leading grating DE and PDL.

  • Environmentally stable designs that perform under any condition.

  • Spectrometer customisation to match your exact requirements.

  • Worry-free volume scaling thanks to design for manufacture and low unit-to-unit variance.

  • Access to in-house experts who work with you to optimize your OCT system performance.

Roll-off performance of 840 nm center wavelength spectrometers

Transmission gratings for OCT

At Ibsen Photonics we design and manufacture best-in-class surface relief transmission gratings in fused silica, for wavelengths between 175 nm to 2,500 nm.

Our Polarization Independent Grating (PING) designs provide unparalleled diffraction efficiency (DE) and polarization-dependent losses (PDL). The inherent nature of fused silica ensures our gratings are environmentally stable, while working in transmission provides angle insensitivity and vibrational stability.

We design our OCT spectrometers to perfectly match and supplement the performance of our gratings and the selected OCT cameras and detectors, but also supply gratings for use in your own OCT spectrometer design.

Absolute diffraction efficiency of PING gratings

Spectrometers for OCT

Our team has designed and manufactured OCT spectrometers for SD-OCT, OCT-A, and PS-OCT. In this context, we have produced devices covering bandwidths from 60 to 300 nm with detectors of 1024, 2048, or 4096 pixels.

With performance in focus, we build fully customized spectrometers or adapt existing solutions to match your needs. A recent example is our C-OCT-S, designed for use in portable high performance OCT systems, with a form factor volume of less than 25% than our legacy OCT-S. Best-in-class roll-off and sensitivity allows both spectrometers to record high quality OCT images as displayed in the figure.

We also offer a selection of standard OEM spectrometers, with either MIPI, USB, or CameraLink as data interface and line rates ranging from 34 kHz to 250 kHz

Please contact us if you are interested in a bandwidth, centre wavelength, or detector not offered as a standard product.

Comparison of B-scans acquired by C-OCT-S and OCT-S

Comparison of B-Scans acquired by C-OCT-S
and OCT-S using the same sample retina,
optical system and data processing.

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