[h5]Press Release – Copenhagen, September 16, 2003 [/h5]

FBG manufacturers benefit from relocation of Phase mask manufacturing and process optimisation at Ibsen Photonics

Ibsen Photonics today announced that after a thorough run-in period the manufacturing of their holographic Phase masks has now been successfully relocated to Ibsen Photonics 1.300 sq.m. (approx. 14.000 sq.ft.) cleanroom facility in Farum, Denmark.

“We have always produced our Phase masks in our own clean room, but we can clearly see improvement in defect counts on the Phase masks over the last months caused by the relocation of the manufacturing line to our new class 10 clean room from a class 100 cleanroom previously,” says Kristian Buchwald, Product manager at Ibsen Photonics.

Phase masks are strategic tools in the manufacture of fiber Bragg gratings and integrated optical components. Cleanliness of the mask is important, as the mask is used as a master and a reduction in defects gives improved and more homogeneous visibility of the fringe pattern generated in the fiber core.

“In the 3 month run-in period we have experienced significant improvements of more than 50% in the cleanliness of our Phase masks using our defect inspection systems,” says Kristian Buchwald, Product manager at Ibsen Photonics. “We have always focused on characterization of our phase masks and have also used our defect inspection systems to monitor and improve our individual processes, so that we can now offer improved cleanliness specifications”

[h5]About Ibsen Photonics [/h5]

Ibsen Photonics is leveraging more than 10 years experience in diffractive optics to market Ibsen Phase masks that increase manufacturability of optical components. Ibsen Photonics also focuses on DWDM modules based on Ibsen Diffractor technology that increase flexibility and improve operational costs of telecommunication DWDM networks. Ibsen Photonics furthermore is pursuing partnerships in other industries to expand their Diffractor platform based on Ibsen pure fused silica holographic diffraction gratings.

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