RAMAN NIR-1500-908

NIR Spectrometer grating for 785-1100 nm

Fused silica transmission grating technology enables high resolution, high efficiency gratings that are ideal for compact spectrometers.

Product Specifications

Grating technologySurface relief, etched transmission gratings
Grating resolution1500 l/mm
Illumination wavelength range785 nm - 1100 nm
Angle of incidence44 deg
MaterialsFused silica and high-power, dielectric AR coating materials
Chip size19 mm x 15 mm
Grating area16 mm x 12 mm
Chip thickness1 mm

Typical Grating Performance

Raman NIR plot

Download Product sheet

pdf_icon Ibsen Product Sheets – FSTG-NIR1500-908


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