eXtreme Efficiency Spectrometer Gratings

Ideal for Raman and Optical Coherence Tomography

XE spectrometer gratings are lithographic or holographic, fused silica transmission gratings intended for instrument makers that build Raman, OCT, or other high efficiency spectrometer instruments. Our XE spectrometer gratings offer the following key benefits

  • Extremely high efficiency for both TE and TM polarization
  • Very low polarization dependence
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Very low stray light


XE gratings are specially designed for narrow band, low light spectroscopy like Raman and OCT.


XE gratings from Ibsen are produced by lithographic or holographic stepper technology in 100% dielectric materials. This leads to unbeatable thermal and environmental stability, with no polymers, epoxies, gelatins or metals in the optical path nor in the grating whatsoever. Advanced etching technology ensures high diffraction efficiency and low polarization dependence over a bandwidth of several hundred nm. Low angular sensitivity is an added bonus for module design and assembly.


Example efficiency plot



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