Pulse Compression Gratings 9xx nm

Fused Silica Transmission Gratings – unbeatable energy/power damage threshold combined with high-efficiency spectral performance

Pulse Compression GratingsAs femtosecond laser systems advance to ever-increasing energy levels, demands on the energy/power handling capabilities of pulse compression gratings increase. Ibsen manufactures 100% fused silica Pulse Compression Gratings that offer unbeatable energy/power handling capacity, combined with high-efficiency, low wavefront distortion performance.

Features and Benefits

  • 100% Fused silica gratings provide the highest energy/power damage threshold, also in the UV
  • Environmentally and thermally stable
  • High diffraction efficiency
  • Low wavefront distortion
  • Low stray light


We produce pulse compression gratings to custom specifications, but also offer the following grating types as standard products:

Grating area
(mm x mm)
Substrate size
(mm x mm)
PING-1500/915-980-030915-980150018 x 12 30 x 25 >90%
PCG-1500/932-975932150011 x 6 15 x 10 >93%
970160038 x 940 x 10>94%
PCG-1600/970-977970160038 x 1840 x 20>94%


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