1064 nm band Gratings

PING – Polarization independent (low PDL) gratings for telecom O-band

Main characteristics:

  • Fused silica transmission gratings
  • Production technology: Holostepper (Holographic stepper) and RIE etching
  • 1064 nm band is defined as 1030 nm – 1080 nm (but can be OEM customized)
  • 100% dielectric materials – No polymers, epoxies, gelatins or metals
  • Grating chip thickness: 0.625 mm
  • Operating temperature at least 500° C
  • Packaging: Packed in semiconductor grade Gelpak containers, sealed in class 10 cleanroom

Product Overview

While we primarily supply PING gratings as OEM products, the following selection of gratings are stock available. You can order the gratings below online, or request a quotation on these or customized gratings.

GratingResolutionAOIGrating areaChip sizeDE (*)PDL
PING-1379-4221379 l/mm45°20 mm x 15 mm22 mm x 17 mm>94%<0.25 dB

(*) Note: DE is minimum absolute diffraction efficiency across both polarizations and the wavelength range

Typical Performance

PING (1064 nm band) grating performance

Angle dependency of PING gratings