Phase Mask Cleaning Services

Ibsen offers Phase mask cleaning services

Phase mask contamination can occur through residue on the fiber that is transferred onto the Phase mask during the writing process, and is also dependent on care of handling as well as environment cleanliness. Effective and regular Phase mask cleaning can prolong the lifetime of your Phase masks.

Ibsen Phase mask shipments include a suggestion for a regular, basic cleaning process including Acetone, IPA and De-ionized water. Important tips on using this process are:

  • Use semiconductor grade chemicals, to avoid adding residue and films.
  • Use new batches of chemicals every time.
  • Ensure wet-to-wet processing, so that the acetone does not dry out before it is removed by the IPA.
  • Spin-drying is preferred, careful blow-drying can also be used.

Ibsen employs an extensive cleaning process. As an alternative to doing your own Phase mask cleaning, Ibsen offers you to benefit from our effective cleaning processes through the following service:

Premium Clean

The Premium Clean service includes the following:

pre clean post clean
Before and after cleaning

  • Evaluation of Phase mask condition upon receival
  • Defect inspection report prior to cleaning
  • Cleaning
  • Defect inspection report following cleaning
  • Evaluation of Phase mask condition after cleaning

This combination of cleaning and characterization can give you feedback on the quality of your Phase mask handling and provide a status evaluation on the performance level of the Phase mask. We offer a turn-around time of 3-5 days.

Clear Results

Getting your Phase masks cleaned guarantees a clear and very visual result. See the example of before and after the cleaning of a Phase mask above.

Further Information and Ordering

For further information (we can provide a sample Premium Clean Inspection Report) or to request a quotation please contact Ibsen at