NFH Technology Services

Ibsen offers NFH Technology Services

nfh tech serviceHolographically produced NFH Phase masks combined with a mask aligner enable volume manufacturing of very small grating periods. Ibsen’s period accuracy down to +/- 0.1 Ångström and a large grating area further enhance customer manufacturing performance and yield. Ibsen’s NFH Services can kick-start process implementation for customers, reducing implementation costs and time-to-market.


  • Production advantages over crossed laser beam and e-beam writers
  • Manufacturing oriented process for industry standard tool (mask aligner)
  • Grating periods between 260 nm and 600 nm
  • Period accuracy with holographic Phase mask precision
  • Large grating areas

NFH Services

Based on more than seven man-years of intensive experience with NFH, Ibsen offers both pre-investment services that ease the NFH investment decision and implementation services that can reduce NFH process optimization time for our customers.

Pre-investment services:

  • Demo Visit: A live demonstration of NFH technology at Ibsen on generic wafers, with the goal of providing a proof-of-concept demonstration and clear picture of Ibsen’s NFH service offerings.
  • Viability Study: A limited optimization of Ibsen’s NFH processes on customer wafers at Ibsen’s facilities, with the goal of demonstrating proof of viability of NFH on customer specific wafers.

Implementation services:

  • Layer Optimization Recipe: Individually optimized (calculated) layer recipe including materials, thicknesses, optimization criteria and optimization protocol, to be used as a starting point for the customer’s own optimization. Optional experimental verification.
  • NFH Handbook: Extensive documentation including sections on background history, critical aspects and practical solutions to NFH processing, which is a valuable and time-saving education for the customer’s NFH process engineer.
  • Training: As a part of customizing offerings for the customer’s specific needs, Ibsen also offers training of your NFH process engineer at Ibsen or on-site. Contact us for further discussions.

Further Information and Ordering

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