Ibsen offers Phase mask cleaning, NFH technology services and grating foundry services

The overview below includes both dedicated Phase mask services (such as Phase mask cleaning and NFH Services) as well as grating foundry services in general.Phase mask services

Phase Mask Cleaning Services

Phase masks may become contaminated during use – an effective cleaning process is important in ensuring longest possible lifetime of the Phase mask. Ibsen offers Cleaning Services for your Phase masks, optionally with an extensive evaluation of the Phase mask defect level before and after cleaning.

NFH Technology Services

Ibsen offers NFH Technology Services to help you evaluate the viability of NFH for your grating production on planar wafers, and to reduce your implementation costs. For further information, follow this link.

Grating Foundry Services

Ibsen offers grating foundry services for high quality grating exposure on your wafers. We can offer basic interferometric 2-beam exposure (the patterning technology behind our 0.01 nm period accuracy Phase masks), or for higher volumes either NFH grating production or grating production by proprietary holographic stepper technology.