PEAK Programmable Spectroscopy

The PEAK platform enables a whole new dimension of programmability in your spectroscopic instruments that has not been possible with any other spectrometer technology on the market.


PEAK utilizes IBSEN’s high efficiency fused silica transmission gratings combined with the Texas Instruments’s DLP® technology in order to provide the spectral programmability. With PEAK you can control the relative power and exposure time independently for each wavelength in your spectrum.

Ibsen can customize a PEAK solution to your specifications as described in our OEM project model. If you want to evaluate the PEAK technology, we recommend you buy an evaluation kit from Texas Instrument here.

Application examples
  • Rugged and compact scanning mono-chromator with no moving parts
  • Programmable light source
  • Advanced spectrometer with wavelength dependent resolution, exposure time and/or power
  • Advanced spectrometer with multiple wavelength exposures
Key benefits

    Skitse v3

  • Independent control of power and exposure time for each wavelength
  • High throughput due to use of all transmissive components
  • No heating of samples due to pre-dispersive configuration
  • Robust and stable technology with no moving parts
  • Cost efficient NIR spectroscopy

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