I-MON 256 OEM / 512 OEM Developer’s Kit

Enables Plug-and-Play Operation with the I-MON 256/512 OEM
I-MON Evaluation Software

I-MON Evaluation Software

The I-MON Developer’s Kit will demonstrate the performance of the I-MON 256/512 OEM in an easy manner without the need for hardware interfacing and tedious programming from the customer’s side. It enables the customer to use the I-MON 256/512 OEM with own light sources and FBG sensors using a PC as monitor and thereby test the basic performance.

The spectrum graph screen of the Evaluation Software illustrates the pixel response from the image sensor of the I-MON 256/512 OEM, i.e., the FBG sensor peaks.

I-MON 256 OEM Developer's Kit

I-MON OEM Developer’s Kit

The software includes a range of control buttons e.g. for configuration, wavelength fit, and data logging.

Package content:

The I-MON 256/512 OEM Developer’s Kit contains the following items:

  • I-MON 256/512 OEM Module
  • Evaluation Board with USB interface
  • Interface Cable
  • Quick guide with a download link for software and manuals


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Additional Material

Request a detailed Users Manual for the I-MON 256/512 OEM Developers Kit here.