[h5]Press Release – Copenhagen, June 18th, 2004 [/h5]

Ibsen Photonics has been awarded patent for production technique of high-volume, sub-micron period gratings

Near Field Holography (NFH) process technology improves manufacturability of gratings in wafer based integrated optical components

Ibsen Photonics, a leading supplier of holographic Phase masks, transmission diffraction gratings and DWDM monitors based on diffraction gratings, today announced that it has been granted United States Patent # 6,693,701, titled “Method and Apparatus for Diffractive Transfer of Grating Mask”.

This technology allows manufacturers to print sub-micron grating periods by further advancing the manufacturability provided by NFH technology which involves replicating Phase mask structures via a mask aligner.

“NFH has for several years been a mature volume-oriented grating production technology. Ibsen continuously works to increase the breadth of applications that NFH can be used for, as well as further increasing the cost-effectiveness of NFH technology. This patent is one example of our efforts and results in this field.” says Brian Dissing, NFH Process manager at Ibsen.

Kristian Buchwald, Phase mask Product manager at Ibsen, expands: “We see ourselves as grating providers AND grating technology providers. Besides our Phase mask and grating products, we work together with our customers and partners to provide them with or develop for them the most suitable, highest quality gratings or grating technologies for their products or production”.

Traditionally, gratings are written into wafer based components either by using direct holographic set-ups or by using e-beam writing stations. While both are used today none of these provide the manufacturability of the NFH process. A commercial mask aligner, using a mercury lamp, as offered by Suss MicroTec, the leading supplier of mask aligners, combined with Ibsen NFH Phase masks provide a production-oriented approach to writing gratings.

Elmar Cullmann, Consultant with Suss MicroTec, adds: “NFH builds on the versatility of our mask aligners. Together with Ibsen Photonics we have provided and will continue to provide great advances to the semiconductor market in terms of providing a technology for low-cost manufacture of sub-micron period gratings”.

[h5]About Ibsen Photonics [/h5]

Ibsen Photonics is leveraging more than 10 years experience in diffractive optics to market Ibsen Phase masks that increase manufacturability of optical components. Ibsen Photonics also focuses on DWDM modules based on Ibsen Diffractor technology that increase flexibility and improve operational costs of telecommunication DWDM networks. Ibsen Photonics furthermore is pursuing partnerships in other industries to expand their Diffractor platform based on Ibsen pure fused silica holographic diffraction gratings.

[h5]About Suss MicroTec [/h5]

Suss MicroTec is the leading supplier of mask aligner technology with 40 years of experience in this field. SUSS products include coating developing systems, 1X full-field lithography (1XFFL) systems, substrate bonders, flip-chip bonders and probe systems. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, SUSS has approximately 720 employees worldwide.

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