[h5]Press Release – Copenhagen, August 12th, 2004 [/h5]

Ibsen Photonics has been awarded patent for innovative gratings with unique efficiency and reliability properties

Fusion bonded gratings create high-efficiency, polarization controllable gratings with highly protected surfaces.

Ibsen Photonics, a leading supplier of holographic Phase masks, transmission diffraction gratings and OEM spectrometer modules based on diffraction gratings, today announced that it has been granted United States Patent # 6,762,880, titled “Grating Structures and Methods of Making the Grating Structures”.

This technology enables pure fused silica transmission grating designs with beneficial optical properties. Design possibilities include polarization and temperature independence combined with highly robust grating surfaces.

“The beauty of these gratings lies in their simplicity – everything comes together by simplifying rather than complicating the processes. A whole range of applications – including telecom can draw benefits from this new grating design and manufacturing methods” says Johan Holm, primary inventor and grating process manager at Ibsen.

Bjarke Rose, Spectrometer Module Product manager at Ibsen, expands: “Ibsen has a unique profile working with diffraction gratings as well as spectrometer modules. This vertical integration allows us to both identify and develop unique and advantageous gratings and pass their benefits on to our module customers”.

A prime aspect of the invention described in the patent is very deep (high-aspect ratio) gratings for diffraction efficiency and polarization control, while a second aspect – fusion bonded grating structures – offers temperature independence and surface robustness.

[h5]About Ibsen Photonics [/h5]

Ibsen Photonics is leveraging more than 10 years experience in diffractive optics to market Ibsen Phase masks that increase manufacturability of optical components. Ibsen Photonics also focuses on spectrometer modules based on Ibsen Diffractor technology for FBG sensor interrogation systems or telecom DWDM networks. Ibsen Photonics furthermore is pursuing partnerships in other industries to expand their Diffractor platform based on Ibsen pure fused silica holographic diffraction gratings.

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