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Summer is over and we hope that you have all had a relaxing time and enjoyed the break. In this newsletter, you can read about our new compact DISB electronics specifically developed with OEM instrument makers in mind.

Read more about it below and on our website or feel free to contact us to learn more and maybe arrange a free demo.

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DISB electronics

DISB (Digital Image Sensor Board) is Ibsen’s new OEM spectrometer electronics. It comes with a SPI interface, which makes it ideal for fast and easy integration into your instrument. It offers fast read out – up to 550 Hz for 2048 pixels – and accurate timing control in 200 nanosecond steps with only 10 nanosecond jitter.Digital Image Sensor Board from Ibsen

DISB helps instrument integrators avoid the hassle of developing an analogue electronics interface and offers detector array control, analogue to digital conversion (16 bit), fast SPI interface, on-board storage of calibration and also hardware and software triggering options.




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SPI is the new orange in spectroscopy

The Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) is an interface bus commonly used to exchange data between two devices – a master and a slave, these devices being microcontrollers (master) and small peripherals such as a spectrometer (slave).


SCLK: Serial Clock
MOSI: Master output Slave input
MISO: Master input Slave output
SS: Slave Select

A SPI operates in full duplex mode, meaning that data can be transferred in both directions at the same time. It uses separate clock and data lines dictated by the master, along with a select line to choose the device you wish to talk to.

Many compact spectrometers come with a USB interface, which is well suited for using the spectrometer in the lab to connect it to your laptop. However, for integration with a microprocessor inside a spectroscopic instrument, the SPI interface is ideal as most microprocessors will have a built-in SPI interface and can act as a master. In contrast, a USB interface would require an extra chip in your board.




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Supported detectors

FREEDOM Spectrometer with DISBIbsen’s new DISB line of electronics supports the S11639 CMOS and S11156 BT-CCD detector arrays from Hamamatsu. More detectors will be added to the list
in the future. The current two models are called: DISB-101 and DISB-380 – they work with Ibsen’s FREEDOM 101 and 380 series of spectrometers.

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