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Dear Reader,

With this email, we want to bring to your attention the many opportunities for engagement that Ibsen Photonics is offering you at the SPIE BiOS/Photonics West trade show in San Francisco from February 7th through 12th.

All our technical experts in Spectrometers, FBG interrogators (I-MON’s), Phase Masks, Pulse Compression gratings, Telecom gratings, and Spectrometer gratings will be there, which gives you a great chance to talk to them and get valuable input to your photonics projects.

We will be launching the ultra compact and high resolution FREEDOM Raman spectrometer for integrators of handheld and low cost Raman instruments.

Dr. Bjarke Rose will be giving a talk on “Programmable spectroscopy enabled by DLP”, and Dr. Thomas Rasmussen will be giving a talk on “FREEDOM – the latest advances in compact spectroscopy”.

FREEDOM HR cut outYou can stop by our booth #(8)943, get more information, schedule a meeting, or listen to one of our talks by clicking on any of the links.

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We sincerely hope to see you in San Francisco.

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The Ibsen Sales Team: Henrik, Thomas, Kristian, Bjarke & Heidi

Henrik Skov Andersen, CEO

Henrik Andersen

Thomas Rasmussen, VP Sales & Marketing

Thomas Rasmussen

Kristian Buchwald, VP Gratings

Kristian Buchwald

Bjarke Rose, VP Spectrometers

Bjarke Rose

Heidi Olson,Technical Representative

Heidi Olson