[h5]Press Release Copenhagen, – November 6th, 2006  [/h5]

Ibsen Photonics offers pulse compression gratings in 100% fused silica for high-power femtosecond laser pulse compression at both 1064 nm and 800 nm.

Ibsen Photonics, a leading supplier of holographic Phase masks,transmission diffraction gratings and spectrometer modules based on diffraction gratings, now offers pulse compression for both 1064 nm and 800 nm femtosecond laser wavelength regions.

Grating Product Manager Kristian Buchwald comments: “Our fused silica grating technology is perfectly suited to high-power femtosecond applications, where laser manufacturers have been hitting the energy ceiling of grating types available up till now.” He adds: “We released gratings for 1064 nm last year, so based on quick adoption of these as well as additional market requests we have now expanded our offerings to include gratings for 800 nm lasers.”

Torben Jacobsen, President and CEO of Ibsen, reflects: “The rapid success we have seen with our new pulse compression grating line is based on 2 factors. Firstly, we have over the past 15 years developed unique, patented fused silica processing technology which we can now rapidly apply to new fields – secondly the demise of the reflection grating paradigm is picking up speed as optical designers see the benefits of transmission grating-based designs.”

Ibsen will be presenting its pulse compression gratings together with its other products – Phase masks, telecom gratings, spectrometer gratings, Interrogation Monitor modules for FBG sensor systems and DWDM Optical Channel Monitors at Photonics West in January, OFC in March and CLEO in May, as well as additional technical conferences.

[h5]About Ibsen Photonics [/h5]

Ibsen Photonics is a leader in Phase masks and transmission gratings for a wide range of telecom, sensing and laser markets. The grating technology is leveraged in Ibsen’s optical spectrometer modules for FBG sensor interrogation systems and telecom DWDM networks. Ibsen Photonics furthermore is pursuing partnerships in other industries to expand their high-resolution spectrometer platform based on Ibsen pure fused silica holographic diffraction gratings.

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Kristian Buchwald
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