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Press Release – Farum, March 5, 2019

Ibsen Photonics (ibsen.com), the global leader in fused silica transmission gratings and industrial grade spectrometer modules, today launched the ultra compact PEBBLE VIS OEM spectrometer.

Ibsen’s PEBBLE VIS spectrometers combine an ultra compact form factor of only 17 mm x 15 mm x 8 mm with high resolution and sensitivity as well as environmental ruggedness. PEBBLE VIS is based on the same proven diffraction grating technology used in all other Ibsen spectrometers. This ensures that PEBBLE can be manufactured in high quantities with very small unit-to-unit performance variation.

The core of PEBBLE is a highly efficient transmission grating manufactured in-house at Ibsen. Furthermore, PEBBLE utilizes a new, fast and very sensitive CMOS detector array with 256 pixels. When combined with a large numerical aperture of 0.22 (low f-number of f/2.2) PEBBLE provides amazingly high sensitivity for such a small spectrometer.

A key benefit of using a transmission grating inside PEBBLE is a high resolution of 6 nm across the full 380 – 850 nm wavelength range. This resolution is one of the best for this size spectrometer on the market. Furthermore, the pure transmission based optics inside PEBBLE ensures a very good thermal stability.

PEBBLE VIS offers a cost effective and low risk solution for manufacturers of handheld and portable spectroscopy instruments for applications such as fluorescence and color measurements.

Prototypes of PEBBLE VIS will be available in 2019-Q2 and volume production units in 2019-H2.

For complete information about this new PEBBLE VIS spectrometer, please visit ibsen.com/PEBBLE

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