Ibsen Photonics, a leading supplier of holographic Phase masks, transmission diffraction gratings and spectrometer modules based on diffraction gratings, introduces polarization independent telecom gratings based on holographic stepper technology.

[h5]Copenhagen, Denmark – September 19th, 2005 [/h5]

Based on 100% dielectric materials, these gratings offer the comfort of fundamentally thermal and environmental reliability, combined with superior optical performance (high diffraction efficiency, low PDL). Furthermore, low angle sensitivity and convenient module design through the transmission principle make these gratings ideal for telecom ROADM / WSS applications.

Grating Product Manager Kristian Buchwald explains: “We have developed a high volume process technology to produce telecom gratings with exceptional optical performance.” He adds: “By combining holographic stepper technology with the manufacturability of semiconductor processing in our class 10 cleanroom, these gratings offer unbeatable performance as well as being cost competitive”.

Torben Jacobsen, President and CEO of Ibsen, comments: “We are a module house ourselves, and when we recently had a need for polarization independent gratings we could not find appropriate products on the market. Our core technology being gratings, it was natural for us to design and develop these gratings. This is a clear example of how both our grating and our module customers benefit from Ibsen’s strategy of combined grating and module activities.”

Ibsen will be presenting these new telecom gratings together with its other products – Phase masks, Transmission gratings, Interrogation Monitor modules for FBG sensor systems and DWDM Optical Channel Monitors at ECOC in September, Photonics West in January and OFC in March.

[h5]About Ibsen Photonics[/h5]

Ibsen Photonics is leveraging more than 15 years experience in diffractive optics to market Ibsen Phase masks that increase manufacturability of optical components. Ibsen Photonics also focuses on spectrometer modules based on transmission grating technology for FBG sensor interrogation systems or telecom DWDM networks. Ibsen Photonics furthermore is pursuing partnerships in other industries to expand its optical module offerings based on Ibsen pure fused silica holographic diffraction gratings.

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