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Press Release, Farum, March 3rd, 2014

Ibsen Photonics (, the global leader in fused silica transmission gratings and industrial-grade spectrometer modules, today announced the PEAK platform for programmable spectroscopy.

The PEAK platform utilizes Ibsen’s high efficiency, fused silica transmission gratings together with Texas Instruments DLP® technology in order to provide a whole new dimension of programmability for spectroscopic instruments. With PEAK, you can control the relative power, exposure time and resolution independently for each wavelength in your spectrum.

“Enabled with DLP® technology, our PEAK platform delivers a new approach to spectroscopy, offering the ability to select various wavelengths for high speed transmission or absorption measurements, all across the VIS-NIR ranges. Customers will be able to generate new, dynamic measurement schemes and algorithms for increased speed, higher accuracy, and greater sample protection,” said Henrik Skov Andersen, CEO of Ibsen Photonics A/S.

Ibsen will be demonstrating a PEAK module for the visible range live at the Texas Instruments booth, #515, during Pittcon 2014 in Chicago from March 3rd through March 6th.

PEAK extends Ibsen’s FREEDOM, ROCK and EAGLE spectrometers for instrument makers of Raman, UV/VIS/NIR, SD-OCT and Near IR Instruments.

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Ibsen Photonics is the global leader in holographic, fused silica transmission gratings and spectrometer modules for a wide range of telecom, analytical, sensing, and laser markets.

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