Our new web-site is built on a framework that we hope facilitates our sharing of knowledge and collaboration with our partners and customers

[h5]Based on current standards [/h5]

Our new content management framework supports the broadest range of current www standards, thus facilitating access to our information by the greatest variety of internet browsers.

We aimed at keeping the overall structure simple and transparent, so focus can be on the content.

[h5]Easier navigation [/h5]

There are a lot of small improvements over the old CMS (Content Management System), which makes it easier to navigate and find the information that you need quickly. We believe the navigator is better and the overall response time has gone down.

[h5]Dialogue [/h5]

We see our web-site as a “virtual representative” of Ibsen – we hope to start a dialogue with you thorugh our web-site. There is therefore an ever-present Dialogue box at the top right of every page with numerous options for initiating further, personal contact.

[h5]New look [/h5]

We have also shaped up the design and the graphics to correspond with our latest corporate guidelines, and we hope you find it as refreshing as we do.

[h5]Designed for the future [/h5]

We plan on continously improving this new web-site with more features as we go along and identify the needs. If you have any comments, suggestions or requests, feel free to send these to webeditor @ ibsen.dk