Do you know how to choose a spectrometer?


In this blog post we would like to take the opportunity to make you aware of our technical note that can help you choose a spectrometer.

How to choose a spectrometer



The basic parameters you need to know before choosing a suitable spectrometer are wavelength range and resolution. But, even though you know your wavelength range and resolution there are still a lot of possible spectrometer design options. Your final choice of spectrometer will depend on the importance of parameters such as overall size, cost, speed, sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio, dynamic range, linearity, thermal stability and robustness. In our technical note, you can find some general guidelines that may help you determine what kind of spectrometer parameters you should focus on for your application.

How to choose a spectrometer

On our Technology page you will also find resources on how to design a spectrometer, how to select a detector, as well as other useful guides and calculators.