Digital Image Sensor Boards from Ibsen

Our DISB spectrometer electronics helps instrument integrators avoid the hassle of developing an analogue electronics interface by offering:

    Digital Image Sensor Board from Ibsen

    Digital Image Sensor Board from Ibsen

  • Detector array control
  • Analogue to digital conversion (16 bit)
  • Fast SPI interface
  • On-board storage of calibration
  • Hardware and software triggering options

DISB comes with a SPI interface, which makes it ideal for fast and easy integration into your instrument. It offers fast read out – up to 550 Hz for 2048 pixels – and accurate and programmable timing control in 200 nanosecond steps with only 10 nanosecond jitter.

Ibsen’s DISB line of electronics supports the S11639 CMOS (DISB-101) and S11156 BT-CCD (DISB-380) detector arrays from Hamamatsu. More detectors will be added to the list in the future.

For more information about our complete range of the spectrometer electronics options click here: Spectrometer Electronics

Key features and benefits

  • Fast read-out (up to 600 Hz for 2048 pixels)
  • Analogue to digital conversion (16 bit)
  • Accurate timing control (±10 ns jitter)
  • Programmable time delay (200 ns steps)
  • On-board storage of calibration



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