Ibsen has a number of OEM spectrometer platforms available, that are well suited for integration into your LIBS analysis system. We offer the spectrometers with our DISB electronics, which give you the fast read-out and the precision control you need over your LIBS instrument. It is a match made in heaven.

DISB spectrometer electronics

DISB Spectrometer Electronics with Fast Timing for Instrument Integrators

DISB (Digital Image Sensor Board) is Ibsen’s fast and accurate OEM spectrometer electronics. It comes with an SPI interface, which makes it ideal for fast and easy integration into your instrument.

DISB furthermore offers fast readout – up to 600 Hz for 2048 pixels – and accurate gating control in 200 nanosecond steps with only 10 nanosecond jitter, which is a necessity for your LIBS instrument.

Precision Control over Your Spectrometer

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) is an extremely versatile spectroscopic technique that can be used to analyze the atomic composition of virtually any material.

In a LIBS system, a short laser pulse is used to ablate material from the surface of a sample. The laser pulse energy will be high enough to create bright plasma on the surface of the sample.

The plasma will contain sharp spectral lines that can be analyzed with a fast spectrometer to determine the atomic composition of the sample.