Ibsen serves the telecom market with a number of products

Ibsen has almost 20 years of experience in the telecom market. We have brought multiple products through Telcordia qualification, and all our products are RoHS compliant. Below is a short list of our products that are especially aimed at the telecom market.

Overview of telecom products

 Phase masks  

Phase masks are used for optimal inscription of gratings in fibers and waveguides for a broad range of telecom components, including FBG components like laser diode stabilizers, ITU filters, gain flattening filters, dispersion compensation modules, and lasers.

 PING Telecom gratings 

PING gratings are the ideal grating for free space modules such as wavelength selective switches (WSS), ROADMs, tunable filters, optical channel monitors (OCM) etc.

 Grating Foundry Services 

Based on our unique lithographic and holographic processing technologies, Ibsen offers grating foundry services on customer provided wafers.

 I-MON Interrogation Monitors for FBG Sensing Systems 

While primarily a product for sensing, the I-MON is in fact a high-resolution, narrowband spectrometer for telecom bandwidths.