Ibsen serves the laser market with a number of products

Ibsen has almost 20 years of experience in the laser market. Our fused silica grating technology makes our gratings uniquely suitable for high power lasers from UV excimer wavelengths through femtosecond NIR wavelengths.

Overview of laser products

Pulse Compression Gratings 

As femtosecond laser systems advance to ever-increasing energy levels, demands to the energy/power handling capabilities of pulse compression gratings increase. Ibsen manufacturers 100% fused silica Pulse Compression Gratings that offer unbeatable energy/power handling capacity, combined with high-efficiency, low wavefront distortion performance.

Beam splitters 

Ibsen “Phase masks” are highly precise beam splitters, available in both +1/-1 order configuration and 0/-1 order configuration.

High Power Gratings 

Ibsen’s 100% fused silica grating technology is ideal for pulse compression, spectral beam combining, beam splitting and various other niche applications where the highest power/energy handling capabilities are required.