FBG Sensing

Ibsen serves the FBG sensing market with a number of products

Ibsen has almost 20 years of experience with FBG-releted products. Our technologies are fundamentally compact, robust and environmentally stable, lending themselves well to sensing applications. Below is a short list of our products that are especially aimed at the FBG sensing market.

Overview of FBG sensing products

Phase masks 

Phase masks are used for optimal inscription of gratings in fibers and waveguides, for Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors as well as fiber or wavegeuide lasers for sensing.

I-MON Interrogation Monitors for FBG Sensing Systems 

Based on Ibsen Transmission Gratings and patented optical designs, our I-MONs offer real-time spectrum monitoring of our FBG sensors. Combined with compact size and straighforward integration, the I-MONs are ideal for vibration analysis or temperature, pressure or strain measurement systems.