Henrik Skov Andersen, CEO and President
Henrik joined us in February 2011 as Chief Executive Officer, succeeding Torben Jacobsen, now board member of Ibsen. Henrik has international experience from senior management positions at Netgroup, Coloplast, Scandinavian Mobility and Timken, and has worked several years as a consultant at McKinsey & Co. During his career, Henrik has acquired a strong understanding of international business, which is now applied to securing  strong and profitable growth at Ibsen. Henrik Skov Andersen holds a M.Sc. E.E. from the Technical University of Denmark and an MBA from INSEAD.

Board of Directors

Kim Vejlby Hansen, Chairman

Kim Vejlby Hansen is CEO at FOSS, which is the majority shareholder in Ibsen Photonics. Kim has several years of experience as Chief Operating Officer at FOSS, with a solid background in developing analytical solutions for the food industry. He holds a Ph.D. from the Technical University of Denmark, and besides the board position at Ibsen he holds a number of other board positions.

Torben Jacobsen

Torben joined Ibsen in 1997 as CEO, and led the company successfully for 14 years before joining the board. Torben has held leading management positions with large Danish companies before joining Ibsen. Torben is also an active board member in a number of other companies. He holds a Ph.D. from the Technical University of Denmark and a B.Com. from Copenhagen Business School.

Michael Brock

Michael Brock brings to Ibsen many years of experience from the test and measurement as well as the medical equipment industry as former President of Brüel & Kjaer Sound and Vibration and President and CEO of BK Medical and GN Otometrics. Besides the board position at Ibsen, Michael is Chairman of the Board at DDD Diagnostics A/S and Reson A/S. Michael holds a Master’s Degree from the Technical University of Denmark.