Ibsen Photonics in the press

In Photonics Media’s November Issue.

Dynamic gate algorithm for multimode fiber Bragg grating sensor systems
The authors propose a novel dynamic gate algorithm (DGA) for precise and accurate peak detection. OSA Publishing, Vol. 54, Issue 18, pp 5657-5661 (2015)

How to Design a Miniature Raman Spectrometer
In this article, the authors describe the key factors that influence the overall size of a spectrometer, such as the diffraction grating groove density and detector size. Spectroscopy Magazine, Vol. 30, Issue 6 (June, 2015)

Transmission grating stretcher for contrast enhancement of high power lasers
The authors propose a transmission grating stretcher for high power lasers and demonstrate its superiority over conventional, reflective gold grating stretchers in terms of pulse temporal quality. Optics Express, Vol. 22, Issue 24, pp. 29363-29374 (2014).

Topology-optimized broadband surface relief transmission grating
Article by Jacob Andkjær, Christian P. Ryder, Peter C. Nielsen, Thomas Rasmussen, and Kristian Buchwald from Ibsen Photonics and Ole Sigmund from DTU. Published in Proc. SPIE 8980, Physics and Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices XXII, 898006 (March 7, 2014).

Ibsen Photonics demonstrates groundbreaking programmable spectroscopy at Pittcon 2014
The PEAK platform utilizes Ibsen’s high efficiency, fused silica transmission gratings together with Texas Instruments DLP® technology.

LASER 2009 new product focus Jun 2 2009 
The latest news from GSI Group, Ibsen Photonics, JDSU and Hamamatsu.

Ibsen Photonics brings high-power transmission gratings to LASER May 12, 2009 Ibsen Photonics offers high power transmission gratings for 1064 nm, 800 nm and custom wavelengths.

Business briefs Dec 22, 2008 Featuring news from Jenoptik, Osram, Hamamatsu, Sofradir and more.

Fused Silica Transmission Gratings by Ibsen – High Five! Sep 7, 2007 Ibsen Fused Silica transmission gratings provide: – High efficiency – High power – High stability – High resolution – High flexibility

INSIDE VIEW: CEO shares secrets to running a successful high-tech start-up Mar 19, 2007 What are the key attributes that make a successful business leader? In this month’s interview Per Ibsen, founder and board member of Ibsen Photonics, CEO of Kaleido Technology, offers his thoughts on what it takes to manage a technology company.

Ibsen launches E-PING Telecom gratings for WSS/ROADMs Mar 16, 2007 Ibsen Photonics, a leading supplier of holographic Phase masks, fused silica transmission gratings and optical spectrometer modules based on transmission gratings…

Transmission Gratings – A MasterPiece of Fused Silica Jan 10, 2007 Interrogation Monitors, Optical Channel Monitors and OEM Spectrometers Recent developments in transmission gratings have dramatically increased application areas for transmission gratings.

Fused silica transmission pulse compression gratings Jan 8, 2007 Ibsen Photonics offers pulse compression gratings in 100% fused silica for high-power femtosecond laser pulse compression at both 1064 nm and 800 nm.

Business briefs Dec 1, 2006 Including news from Alcatel-Lucent, Biophotonics (Kalorama Information), Ciena, Kodak, Belgacom, Siemens, Cristal Laser, Impulse Optics, Oerlikon, Melles Griot and others.

FBG Sensor System Interrogation monitor now with USB from Ibsen Photonics Oct 13, 2006 I-MON 400E-USB: A high-resolution spectrometer ideally suited for a broad range of FBG sensing applications through a unique combination of high resolution, broad wavelength range, low power consumption and compact size.

Transmission Gratings – A MasterPiece of Fused Silica – by Ibsen Photonics! May 19, 2006 Recent developments in transmission gratings have dramatically increased application areas for transmission gratings.

Fused Silica Transmission Gratings May 18, 2006 Superior performance of Ibsen holographic master fused silica gratings is combined with the reproducibility and cost level of replicated gratings. Each Ibsengrating is a holographic masterpiece – not a replica.

FBG Interrogation Monitors by Ibsen Photonics offer fast, real-time spectrum monitoring Mar 23, 2006 Ibsen has developed Interrogation Monitors that are ideally suited for a broad range of applications in FBG sensor interrogation systems through a unique combination of very fast measurement frequency, low power consumption and compact size.

interrogation monitor Mar 23, 2006 Interrogate your FBG sensors! Ibsen I-MON Interrogators integrate light source and interrogation monitor The I-MON Interrogator is an extension to the existing I-MON Interrogation monitor, comprising additionally a broadband light source and control electronics with processing software.

PING! Polarization Independent Gratings – 100% dielectric gratings for Telecom applications by Ibsen Photonics Mar 23, 2006

Fused silica transmission gratings for telecom applications.

Interrogate your FBG sensors – now with USB interface! – by Ibsen Photonics Feb 24, 2006 Ibsen Photonics has released a new USB interfaced, high-resolution version of its I-MON Interrogation Monitor for FBG Sensor Systems. I-MON FBG Sensor System Interrogation Monitors Feb 24, 2006 The I-MON offers kHz frequency, real-time spectrum monitoring of FBG sensors. Combined with compact size and straightforward integration, the I-MON is ideal for vibration analysis or temperature, pressure or strain measurement systems.

Phase masks Feb 24, 2006 Ibsen is a world leader in Phase masks, based on interferometric (holographic) patterning, RIE etching and extensive metrology – all in class 10 cleanroom. Unbeatable period accuracy and uniformity of +/- 0.01 nm.

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ADC dumps optics business Aug 2, 2002 The telecommunications equipment maker calls time on its optical components operations.

Light Reading Mar 19, 2002 Ibsen Offers Monitor, Manufacturing

Light Reading Mar 7, 2002 Ibsen Offers Reports

Ibsen buys out of ADC Nov 6, 2001 Danish company Ibsen Photonics separates from US firm ADC after a management-led buy-out.

Light Reading Nov 2, 2001 A Danish photonics startup called Ibsen Micro Structures was acquired byADC Telecommunications Inc.

ADC acquires IBSEN and Altitun May 19, 2000 Minneapolis-based supplier of network equipment, ADC Telecommunications, has bought Altinun, of Kista, Sweden for approximately USD 872 million. ADC has also announced the acquisition of IBSEN Micro Structures, of Copenhagen, Denmark for approximately…

Phase masks reach four-inch size May 5, 2000 Ibsen of Copenhagen, Denmark, has manufactured the largest commercially available phase mask. It has a grating size of 4 x 4 inch for the replication of gratings.”Our focus on building state-of-the art holographic set-ups is enabling us to manufacture…

Danish gratings company attracts funds Apr 4, 2000 The Danish manufacturer IBSEN Micro Structures A/S has secured 6.9 million Euro in its latest round of financing. The new funds will assist with the construction of the company’s new R&D; and manufacturing facilities, including more than 800 square meters…