Admesy Customer Case Story

”We are familiar with other spectrometer companies in the industry however, we chose to work with Ibsen Photonics because of the people and the way they work with us. From very early on there has always been an open and honest discussion. We openly discuss our projects with Ibsen, we look into the solution as a team and if the solution is too expensive for our customer it was never held against us.

Steven Goetstouwers
CEO, Admesy BV

Customer Summary

Founded in 2006, Admesy B.V. is a supplier of test and measurement solutions for color and light measurement in production processes. Aside from display measurement as its leading application, Admesy also plays a vital role in supporting highly specific applications like OEM spectrometry. Covering both large scale and small-scale solutions, Admesy has proven its strength and ability to serve it’s customers with configurable and flexible solutions tailored to their specific measurement needs in the production and R&D laboratory. Based in Ittervoort Netherlands, the company’s production facility is equipped with high-end clean room. The company has a vast network of distributors worldwide and has 3 service & support offices in Asia for local support.

Quick Facts

Customer Name: Admesy B.V.
Headquarters: Ittervoort, Netherlands
Industry: Color and Light Measurement
Founded: 2006

Ibsen Product Used
FREEDOM VIS Spectrometer


Admesy relied mainly on colorimeters for their display measurement solution. Following a customer request, Admesy wanted to find a spectrometer-based measurement solution to eliminate issues encountered during the integration of calibration tools.


It was essential for Admesy to find the right OEM spectrometer manufacturer to ensure a productive and successful partnership. Admesy chose Ibsen Photonics based on their expertise and collaborative way of working as well as the benefits of sharing similar cultural elements.


  • Reliability and security of measurement solution due to consistent technical support
  • Opportunity to expand product range on the spectrometry application
  • Information gathering is practical and efficient with direct access to key people
  • Ease of doing business as a result of open and honest communication