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2018-04-03   |   3 min read

Ibsen Photonics expands its Transmission grating line

  Ibsen Photonics has added nine new Pulse Compression Gratings to our stock available line-up of 100% fused silica transmission gratings for high-power femtosecond laser pulse compression. These gratings cover a broad range of wavelengths from 675 nm to 1030 nm, grouped in the following grating types:   Just like all Ibsen's gratings, this new 100 % fused silica transmission gratings provide the highest energy/power damage, including UV, high diffraction efficiency, low wavefront distortion, low stray light, and environmental and thermal stability. 120 mm long PCGs As femtosecond laser systems advance to ever-increasing energy levels demands to the energy/power handling

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2018-03-21   |   5 min read

Scaling of wavelength range in transmission grating based spectrometers

  This note describes how an existing spectrometer wavelength range can be scaled by changing the groove density of the transmission grating, without needing to change other aspects of the design. The starting point is a known spectrometer with a grating with groove density G0, detector width LD, and covering the wavelength range λmax,0 – λmin,0.   The focal length of this spectrometer is given by:    LF= LDcos (β) G0 (λmax,0 - λmin,0)   where β is the diffraction angle of the center wavelength. The ratio between maximum wavelength and minimum wavelength for a given transmission grating based spectrometer

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2018-03-17   |   2 min read

Phase masks for 800 nm fs inscription

  Ibsen has introduced a new Phase mask product. We are pleased to present that we have developed a technology that allows for the 0. order suppression of Phase masks optimized for 800 nm TE illumination. With 1000-1100 nm period Phase masks, this has not previously been possible. The development project included a trial production lot of a sample Phase mask of this type, with the following specs: +1/-1 order Phase mask principle sketch Engineering Sample Phase mask specifications: Ibsen Uniform Phase mask, +/- 1. order principle Grating period: 1070.00 nm Grating size: 20 mm x 10 mm Substrate size:

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2018-03-09   |   3 min read

Ibsen Photonics’ series Interrogation Monitors for FBG sensing

  Our I-MON Interrogation Monitor series for Fiber Bragg sensing systems consists of the following popular variants:   OEM – Our successful I-MON 256 OEM and its big brother, the I-MON 512 OEM with broader wavelength version. You make the electrical interface, and the pin-compatible diode arrays allow you to drive both versions with the same electronics.   USB – We make the electronics interface and pack the devices in a rugged EMC shielded housing, as we did with the well-proven I-MON 512E. This relatively new and cost-efficient series includes the I-MON 256 USB and the I-MON 512 USB. Measurement

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2018-02-23   |   13 min read

How to Obtain a Large Absorbance Range

  Absorbance spectroscopy is a molecular spectroscopy method that uses the wavelength-dependent absorption characteristics of materials to identify and quantify specific substances. Many molecules absorb ultraviolet or visible light emitted from a broadband light source. The absorbance is related to the concentration of the materials in the sample such that stronger absorbance means higher concentration. There are many different approaches for measuring absorption spectra. The most common one is to point a generated beam of light at a sample and detect the intensity of the radiation that goes through it. The energy that is then transmitted is used to calculate

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