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2018-07-19   |   0 min read

Ibsen Photonics is now ISO 9001 certified

  We are proud to announce that Ibsen Photonics has become ISO 9001 certified! This is a nice confirmation of our long tradition of consistently supplying high quality products.

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2018-06-28   |   8 min read

DISB Spectrometer Electronics with Fast Timing for Instrument Integrators

In this post, you can read about our compact DISB electronics specifically developed with OEM instrument makers in mind. If you have any questions about our spectrometer electronics, you are always welcome to contact us to learn more and maybe arrange a free demo. DISB spectrometer electronics DISB (Digital Image Sensor Board) is Ibsen's own developed OEM spectrometer electronics. It comes with an SPI interface, which makes it ideal for fast and easy integration into your instrument. It offers fast readout – up to 600 Hz for 2048 pixels – and accurate timing control in 200 nanosecond steps with only 10 nanosecond

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2018-06-12   |   10 min read

Precision Control Over Your Spectrometer

- a Necessity for Your LIBS Instrument Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) is an extremely versatile spectroscopic technique that can be used to analyze the atomic composition of virtually any material. In a LIBS system, a short laser pulse is used to ablate material from the surface of a sample. The laser pulse energy will be high enough to create bright plasma on the surface of the sample. When choosing a spectrometer for your LIBS application there are various parameters that are important, depending on your requirements. Ibsen believes that the 3 following features are among some of the most important

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2018-05-07   |   7 min read

Grating Math: What is the Largest Groove Density I can Use in my Spectrometer?

A grating with high groove density has a high dispersion. This means that the angular separation of wavelengths from the grating is large. It can be desirable to choose a grating with high groove density for two main reasons: To obtain a compact design (for a wide wavelength range)To obtain a high resolution (for a narrow wavelength range) However, there is a physical limit to how high the grating groove density can be. In this post we will derive a simple formula for calculating the maximum groove density GMAX for a grating that should cover a certain wavelength range λMIN to

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2018-04-24   |   7 min read

A new compact EAGLE for Spectral Domain OCT

Ibsen is introducing a new spectrometer platform specifically targeted Optical Coherence Tomography. From this platform, Ibsen has just launched an 840 nm highly efficient new EAGLE OCT-S spectrometer with best in class optical throughput and compact size for Spectral Domain OCT. The EAGLE platform comprises high resolution, compact, and robust spectrometers, suited for OEM integration into medical and industrial-grade instruments for applications like Raman and SD-OCT. The new EAGLE OCT-S EOS-121 spectrometer is very compact due to the use of Ibsen Photonics’ in-house produced wide bandwidth transmission gratings. These unique gratings furthermore enable us to offer higher efficiency than any competing technology. The

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