Spectrometer Gratings NIR 800 – 2200

Ibsen Fused Silica Transmission Gratings enable high resolution, high efficiency gratings that are ideal for compact spectrometers

Spectrometer gratingsIbsen offers a line of spectrometer gratings spanning from UV bandwidths over VIS to NIR bandwidths, and also offers custom design of gratings for your OEM application. Production utilizes proprietary, cost-effective Holostepper technology, allowing the manufacturing of holographic, 100% fused silica Master gratings at prices previously only possible for replicas.

Features and benefits

  • Holographic stepper patterning technology combines the highest quality of holography with the reproducibility and cost level of replicated gratings.
  • 100% Fused silica gratings provide unbeatable temperature stability, environmental tolerance and power damage threshold – including UV
  • Grating resolutions up to 5000 l/mm
  • High diffraction efficiency with high dispersion
  • Low polarization dependence (PDL) over broad spectral range
  • Combined wavelength dispersion and folding elements
  • Multiple prototyping, small and high volume production technologies
  • Class 10 cleanroom production ensures low noise and high cleanliness – as well as a controlled environment for Ibsen’s extensive metrology capabilities.
  • Extensive grating metrology including proprietary period measurement systems, a versatile diffraction efficiency measurement system, a high resolution defect inspection system as well as AFM/SEM ensuring that agreed upon specifications are fullfilled.


In addition to OEM grating supply, Ibsen offers a full line of standard spectrometer gratings which are available from stock:

GratingWavelength range
Grating area
(mm x mm)
Substrate size
(mm x mm)
UV-NIR-966-701190 - 1100966.24 x 45 x 8
XSNIR-966-910475 - 1100966 4 x 45 x 7
XSNIR-966-913475 - 1100966 8.1 x 8.19.1 x 12
SNIR-966-901500 - 1100966 13.5 x 12.5 15 x 15
RAMAN NIR-1500-908785 - 1100150016 x 1219 x 15
NIR-1500-903815 - 10651500 16 x 1219 x 15
NIR-757-905815 - 106575717.2 x 27.818.2 x 29.8
NIR-622-901900 - 170062213.5 x 12.515 x 15
XNIR-459-9011100 - 2200 459 13.5 x 12.515 x 15
NIR-966-9141300 - 1800966 14 x 11.516 x 13.5


The full Ibsen grating portfolio comprises 4 different grating types that may be suitable for various spectrometry applications – the full range is shown here: